No-Shave November

My No-Shave November Experience

That’s right. I’m a woman, and I participated in No-Shave November. I “let it grow,” as the cause encourages us to do.

The purpose of No-Shave November is to raise awareness about cancer. The organization suggests we can donate the money we save on shaving equipment to go toward cancer research.

Here are my thoughts on NSN:

Week 1 of No-Shave November:

I felt very self-conscious about my barely-there blonde leg hair. The rest of me was okay, but I felt especially aware of my “extra” leg hair at the gym.

Capris or shorts? I didn’t care, I wore both during Week 1 of No-Shave November. I felt somewhat self-conscious and absolutely sure that my fellow gym-goers would notice those prickly hairs as soon as I laid down to bench press — or, dare I say it, SQUAT!

Week 2:

This is getting easier! I’m aware of my hair (ha), but I’m feeling more comfortable with it. The weather is cooling down anyway, and I haven’t shown my legs since my friend’s wedding, 3 weeks ago. A skirt with some cute tights or Old Navy Pixie pants are my staple anyway.


No shaving cream. No razors. No-Shave November.

Week 3:

WHY did I ever shave in the first place? Do I REALLY need to take care of that, especially in the winter? Who am I trying to impress, and why does society’s standards of how a woman should groom herself matter? Especially at my age. I could get used to this. I’ve saved on shaving cream, razors, painful nicks, and endless sessions of removing that God-given body hair!

Week 4:

Alright. These legs are pretty prickly. Is it December yet?

I let the hair hang and do its thang for a little longer. Around week 5 or 6, I brought back the razor, the shaving cream, and all the other joys that come along with shaving.

Ladies, do what feels right when it comes to this stuff. Decide when you want to “shave it for later.” I wouldn’t recommend thinking you “mustache someone a question,” though. That’s where I draw the [hair] line.

If you’d like to donate or learn more about No-Shave November, check out their website.

~Twentysomething Vision

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