Coworker Leaves Goodbye

Feeling Sad or Confused When a Coworker Leaves? It’s OK.

We said goodbye to four people at work in the past two weeks. It’s so bittersweet when someone leaves. Sometimes we might be frustrated or annoyed with a coworker, and we couldn’t be happier to see them off. Other times we grow strong bonds and develop professional and personal relationships with coworkers, which makes it that much more difficult to say goodbye. Straight outta college When I entered the workforce fresh out […]

Lakeland, FL Florida Southern College Exit Sign

5 Lessons I’ve Learned Since Graduating College

December 14 marked 4 years since I graduated college. FOUR YEARS! Part of me can’t believe it – how did three and a half years of my life in college PLUS four years after that fly by so fast? The other part of me can believe it since I’ve progressed in my time after college. I’m not one for listicles – posts that include “5 best” or “5 things” – […]

WordCamp Orlando 2017 Hero Badge WordPress Conference Code Is Poetry

WordCamp Orlando 2017: Speaking in Code

WordCamp Orlando 2017 welcomed developers, programmers, coders, and website creators for an action-packed weekend! This was the most informative, inexpensive, bang-for-your-buck conference I’ve ever attended. As with most large-scale social interactions, I was very nervous about this event. Maybe even more nervous than the previous blogging conferences I’d been to earlier this year. Why? Because I’m not a developer. I can edit source code and read HTML as I do […]

FLBlogCon 2017 Twentysomething Vision Orlando Lifestyle Blogger

FLBlogCon 2017 focused on quality content and communication

Florida BlogCon (FLBlogCon) returned to Central Florida to educate bloggers and creators alike! I attended the blog conference on September 24, which was a nearly 8-hour workday! We all know weekends are an important time to recoup, so I was very happy that FLBlogCon made it worth the time and the drive!     The annual, one-day blog conference is organized by Bess Auer. Bess is the Founder of Florida […]