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REVIEW: Spotify’s New Music Friday – 12/16/16

Hey there, friends! If you don’t already know, Spotify releases a “New Music Friday” playlist…you guessed it, each Friday.

I’ve been listening to New Music Friday (NMF) for the past two years now. It was previously known as “New Music Tuesday” back when albums and singles were released on Tuesday. We all know music gets leaked, albums are released early, and the artists are forced to respond.

Due to upset record companies and artists alike, new music releases MOVED to Friday. Because pushing it back three days would definitely prevent those leaks from happening, right?

Musical State of Mind

I’m big on music, and I’m even bigger on discovering new music, so I was ecstatic when I started listening to this playlist. The playlist is pretty solid.

The playlist has been a little…blah lately. :/ Some weeks, it’s great. Other weeks, I find myself checking off less and less songs to add to my own music library. So, I think it’s about time I posted a NMF review! I hope you get some new music ideas from this.

This week’s new music was surprisingly solid.

Highlights from this week’s New Music Friday include:

– Your Soul (Holding On) by Rhodes & Felix Jaehn
A sweet, fun song you can dance to, or jam to in your car. It’s a little ditty about someone who doesn’t want to let go of a relationship. This person doesn’t want to talk about it. They simply sing about how they’re holding on to the soul of the other person.

– Won’t Let You Go by Julia Bergwall
A cute song with a mix of dance beats, a soft, electric guitar, and some sweet lyrics. Another song about “holding on”, but this track presents a more hopeful tone than the previous pick. Swedish artist Julia Bergwall reminds us that when we love someone, they light up our world with life and nature and beauty. For these reasons, we won’t let them go.

– Coaster by Khalid
This is a song I’ve been playing on repeat. If you like a smooth, soulful voice with a mix of post-breakup song lyrics, then this is the song for you. In the R&B song, newcomer Khalid talks through a past relationship. At first he misses his ex and can’t stop thinking about this person. Khalid is “coasting” through his own emotions as he tries to figure out what to do. He invested so much time and trust in this relationship, as many of us experience. He doesn’t want to let it go just yet. It’s tough to move on from a serious relationship. As the song goes on, he realizes this person wasn’t the right one for him. He stuck up for the person, but that person may not have reciprocated. Khalid decides to move on, and sings, “You weren’t the one for me.” Amen to that.

Listen to the playlist next Friday. Let me know what you think.

~Twentysomething Vision

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