An open letter to Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works,

I remember the first day we met. I was in high school. A friend introduced us. You were wearing Cucumber Melon. I was hooked.

From there, you introduced me to your other…scents.

Warm Vanilla Sugar, a classic scent smelling like a warm, cozy vanilla garden. There was Coconut Lime Verbena, a tropical, fruity, island-y getaway that breezed right by us too quickly. And my all-time favorite: Secret Wonderland, a fierce, yet subtle scent filled with berries (and some berry amazing memories).

Bath and Body Works Scents Galore

You made it easy for me to carry my favorite scents. Sitting on my desk, plugged into my wall, nestled in my purse, always by my side.

But you became jealous of my love for Secret Wonderland. So you took it away. Shipped it off. I was scent-broken. Now I can only have a brief, internet connection with Secret Wonderland.

You recommended Be Enchanted as an alternative. I tried it. Again, you sent it away once I became attached to the scent.

Finally, you introduced me to the next best thing to Secret Wonderland: Pink Chiffon.

"Hello" "Hello Beautiful" "You Had Me at Merlot"

Sweet smells of pear, peach, petals and berries. Body wash, lotion, fragrance mist, hand sanitizer. You name it, I had it.

For years, it went on! I spent a lot of time with Pink Chiffon, and I mean A LOT of time.

But with every great scent you gave me, it had to come to an end.

This winter, I discovered Pink Chiffon would also be disappearing from stores. Our scents/sense was over. I woke up and walked away from the fruity mist.

Your jealousy and selectivity is why I am leaving you, B.

We can still be friends. But we will see each other less frequently. It can’t be like it used to.

Bath and Body Works? This doesn’t seem to work.

We’ll have our semi-annual visit. Other than that, I can only afford your $3 bouquet of wallflowers, your $3.50 hand soap handshakes, and your $6 signature lotion specials.

I can afford more than that. But that’s all I’m willing to spend on you since this shift in our relationship. I’m on to bigger and better things in my life.

I’ll keep your scents close to my elbows, my hands, and my heart.

~Twentysomething Vision

"You had me at merlot"...smooth.

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