Spring Flower Festival

Clermont Cruisin’ – Spring Flower Festival

Another weekend of sun, walking around, and taking photos! Clermont was this weekend’s destination. I’m shining a spotlight on Clermont’s first-ever Spring Flower Festival.

It’s been nice and relaxing to do this at least once or twice a month. I come home with beat red shoulders (I really need to wear sunscreen), but it’s worth it!

Clermont Spring Flower Festival

It’s inspiring to see local business owners creating their own masterpieces, and to support local restaurants.

Here’s the dealio: the Spring Flower Festival had lots of food trucks, lots of tents, some flowers, and some farm animals. “Peep” the unbelievably cute chicks!

Spring Flower Festival Chicks

I stopped by the food truck Smoke in the City to enjoy some pulled pork BBQ, and an ice cold Mountain Dew. TwentySomething Note: I almost NEVER drink soda anymore, but man, this tasted refreshing.

Smoke in the City BBQ

I give the community credit for putting the event together, and for it benefiting a charity. That’s always worth recognizing.

There was a parade in the middle of the festival with goats, llamas, a tractor, some hay (heeeeey), and volunteers. I didn’t know Clermont was a little country. I’ve visited the Showcase of Citrus, but this festival had goats, pigs and llamas! (Oh, my!) There was a small petting zoo, and there was even a man walking his baby goat on a leash! It was an interesting day.

Overall, the event was okay. It was their first year, so I’m sure they will be making notes about what worked and what needed improvement.

Flower Festival Clermont

I’ve been writing so much about traveling inside the state and going to city events that I might move these precious pieces to their own category! I suppose my ramblings will have to do for now.

Here are some more photos of flowers from the festival. As I mentioned, there weren’t a whole lot of flowers. However, I found one tent that was dedicated to these beauts. Check them out below.

Here are some more photos of the flowers hanging out on a Saturday afternoon.

Spring Flower Feature

~Twentysomething Vision

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