1957 Chevy Bel-Air Turquoise Chevrolet Lakeland Auto Show

Lakeland Auto Show Revved Up the Weekend!

Last weekend was a blast! The 18th Annual Lakeland Auto Show featured some AMAZING automobiles – from classic cars to recent racers, and even a QUADRICYCLE! It was the perfect event for car enthusiasts.               I’ve always loved cars for the aesthetics – Corvette Stingrays, to be exact. Now, I’m expanding my knowledge to learn about the car community (and I’ve got my eye […]

Spring Flower Festival

Clermont Cruisin’ – Spring Flower Festival

Another weekend of sun, walking around, and taking photos! Clermont was this¬†weekend’s destination. I’m shining a spotlight on Clermont’s first-ever Spring Flower Festival. It’s been nice and relaxing to do this at least once or twice a month. I come home with beat red shoulders (I really need to wear sunscreen), but it’s worth it! It’s inspiring to see local business owners creating their own masterpieces, and to support local […]

Winter Garden Spring Fever

Winter Garden Sprouts With Spring Fever

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon today in Winter Garden. Saturday, the official first day of…drum roll, please……THE WEEKEND!! WOOOOOO!!!! Friday is the unofficial first day of the weekend, and Friday night is the first time us Monday through Friday workers can breathe, relax, and think, I can stay up till 2 in the morning if I feel like it! And by 2 in the morning, I mean fall asleep […]