Road Trip Car and Snow

Road Trip Tips For a Successful Adventure

Four years ago, my family and I traded in the tropical paradise vacations for some plan-it-ourselves road trips. Each road trip is half business, half vacation, so we get to spend time together while planning future group tours as part of the family business.     I love sightseeing and experiencing different cultures, states, and people. I keep my camera close by my side – OK, GLUED around my neck […]

Where in the World? Cambodia Time Travel Preview

Many of my friends and coworkers wondered where I disappeared to when I was unreachable for ten full days. I looked at them, straight-faced with a genuine smile, and answered, “Cambodia.” CAMBODIA?! No one believed me or understood why. It was an unforgettable experience, and I am so grateful we had the ability to take time off as a family.     It’s quite simple: my stepmom grew up in […]

Spring Flower Festival

Clermont Cruisin’ – Spring Flower Festival

Another weekend of sun, walking around, and taking photos! Clermont was this¬†weekend’s destination. I’m shining a spotlight on Clermont’s first-ever Spring Flower Festival. It’s been nice and relaxing to do this at least once or twice a month. I come home with beat red shoulders (I really need to wear sunscreen), but it’s worth it! It’s inspiring to see local business owners creating their own masterpieces, and to support local […]