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How to conquer Monday morning before it’s even here!

I’m here to tell you how to conquer Monday before it’s even here. That’s right. Crush it before you get a case of the Mondays. Before you even get a chance to mope, to complain, to get inside your head.

It all starts with SUNDAY.

For some of us, Sunday is a lazy day to lay around and catch up on a few shows. For other people, it’s a productive day to finish laundry and cleaning. Or maybe we’re somewhere in between.

Many of us DREAD Sunday night. This carries over into Monday morning. Our intent is to go to bed early, but our mind brings up something that happened 5 years ago.

We toss and turn and try so hard to remember how to relax…We try to remember that one article that told us to let go of every muscle in our body and sink into our bed. But the only thing we’re sinking into is a late-night thought session.

How we end Sunday will set us up for how we start Monday.

Conquer Monday Before You Get a Case of It

Let’s step back just a little bit to look at Sunday morning.

It’s something-o’clock in the morning (or maybe something o-clock in the p.m. for those who are blessed with the ability to sleep in!). We wake up, get something to drink, and then…what do we do??

What we should do is make a plan for the day! Yes, even on Sunday!

Now I’m not saying you have to go crazy or run a marathon. Just think of two simple tasks you’d like to accomplish, and commit to them!

As the day goes on, you may think of other things you’d like to accomplish, such as hitting the gym, showering, eating… Stop right there! Did you go grocery shopping for the week? No? Do that, now!

Shop Now, Eat Later

I strongly recommend shopping for groceries as early as possible Sunday morning. Beat the rush, chat with some friendly Publix employees, and move on with the day. Conquer Monday with some fruits, veggies, and Sunday small talk.

Buy what you need for the week, and then come home and cook it! Prep those meals early. I recommend using Sunday to prep for Monday through Wednesday.

Cook chicken or shrimp first between Sunday afternoon and Sunday night so you’re set for the first three work days. Then cook beef or turkey Wednesday night to carry you through Thursday and Friday. #keepitfresh

By prepping your food (and snacks!) now, you don’t have to think about it the rest of the week! All you have to do is grab and go.

Set Intentions Early

Alright. You’ve shopped for groceries, you’ve completed at least two tasks for the day, maybe even picked up a few other fun activities. Now what? Set the right intentions.

Prepare for Monday right after dinner. Think about what you’ll wear the next day, fill up your purse or briefcase with work necessities, things you might forget in sleepy Monday mode, and get everything ready for the morning.

Avoid candy or soda or anything with caffeine that might keep you up late. Instead, try some fruit or milk, and then lie down. Watch an easy show (maybe a comedy), and get ready for bed early.

At the end of the night, you’ll feel better about Monday, and you can lay your head down on your pillow a little less restless.

Keep these tips in mind, keep your head up, and conquer Monday!

~Twentysomething Vision


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