Tin and Taco Tacosaurus Boom-Boom Taco Downtown Orlando

Tin and Taco brings a TNT blast to your taste buds!

Let’s taco ’bout the best place in town to devour craft confections: Tin and Taco!

The taco establishment opened earlier this year, priding itself of craft tacos, craft beer, and craft soda.

Witty menu options make eating fun! Just to name two, Tin & Taco serves up shredded pork with boom-boom sauce in the Notorious P.I.G., and shredded chicken with cilantro garlic sauce.


Tin and Taco Downtown Orlando


I’m going through a list of all the tacos with a coworker. There’s so many choices, two pages worth, so we keep track of it.

We check off what we’ve tried during each visit! I try to order one taco I’ve had, plus one NEW menu option for each visit. I like to mix it up – literally!

Tac-only a few dollars, please!

Soft-open customers were treated to 20% off coupons (I used my coupon twice). That was a nice little “welcome, Orlandonians”. 

The average order costs $8. This includes two massive tacos, stuffed with a variety of meat, cheese, sauce, and sometimes Doritos crisps!

Tin and Taco Downtown Orlando B.O.B. Al Pastor
The “B.O.B.” and the “Al Pastor”

Tin & Taco offers a Taco Tuesday deal of two tacos and a craft soda or craft beer for 10 bucks. The restaurant is a bit pricey compared to chains like Tijuana Flats and Taco Bell.

But keep in mind, most downtown Orlando establishments are expensive and offset the cost with a more unique experience than a chain restaurant.

That’s Nacho Cheese: Menu Add-Ons

You can order a side of chips and queso or salsa, and enjoy the craft soda! I’m not a huge soda drinker, so it’s usually a treat when I indulge in a cup!

Tin & Taco offers flavors such as Lemon Berry Acai, Agave Vanilla Cream, Black Cherry, and Classic Root Beer.


Lemon Berry Acai Craft Soda Tin and Taco Downtown Orlando
Try the Lemon Berry Acai craft soda!

Lettuce Chow Down

You know I can yap on about delicious food

Let’s talk about the indulgent ingredients of these delectables:

  • Tacosaurus: Angus Ground Beef, Shredded Lettuce, Pico De Gallo, Jack+Cheddar, Crushed Doritos, Southwest Sauce and Cotija Cheese
  • Buffalo Soldier: Shredded Chicken, Shredded Lettuce, Shaved Celery+Green Onion, Buffalo Wing Sauce With Homemade Ranch and Blue Cheese Crumbles.
  • Taco Bomb: Angus Ground Beef, Pico De Gallo, Shredded Lettuce, Jack+Cheddar, Craft Beer Queso and Potato Sticks.


Tin and Taco Notorious PIG Tacosaurus
“Notorious P.I.G.” (left) and “Tacosaurus” (right). YUM!


You can choose a beef, chicken, or pork taco, or order the taco as is. You can also customize the presentation if you want to try something new by ordering  the creation in a rice bowl, as a salad, as a burrito, or served in a bag of Doritos.

An employee brings out the TINacious food, hot and fresh, right on a tin tray. Service is always great.

They label the paper with your name and your order. It’s really helpful to know the difference between the orders. That way, you can rant and rave about it now, and then remember what you love to order again next time!

Timeout For Tin and Taco

I would definitely recommend devouring Tin & Taco if you’re out and about in downtown Orlando. 

Let’s give ’em something to taco ’bout.

They recently added outdoor seating, perfect for those breezy days in the shade!  But get there quickly – seating is limited, with a maximum capacity of 30 people.

Insider’s TipCruise downtown after 6 p.m. for FREE parking. You’re sure to get a parking spot on the street near a meter. 

If you can’t find street parking, the first floor meters in the Jefferson Garage is the next best thing. Pay to park for $1/hour.

Once you find parking in the city, then the night – and the food – is yours!

Tortilla later!


Tin and Taco Downtown Orlando Foodie Sign


~Twentysomething Vision


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    1. YES!!! The tacos are giant and stuffed with delicious food. You will never leave hungry. 😀 There are so many options to choose from, so you’ll love it!

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