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Phonetic Eyewear Review: Less Blue, Clearer and True

I received a pair of glasses from Phonetic Eyewear in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

Like many people, I stare at a computer screen for hours and hours every day at work…and at home. I get some pretty bad headaches thanks to that fluorescent office lighting too! (What happened to working in natural light?)

All this exposure to blue light and its harmful effects is known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), or Digital Eye Strain. This can really take a toll on our vision.

But there’s good news, and it comes in many different colors to fight off blue light! Phonetic Eyewear is changing the game with its stylish, blue light-reducing eyeglasses. These glasses reduce the harmful light emitted from our phones, televisions, and computers so we get less headaches and more sleep.


Phonetic Eyewear Box and Case


Eye don’t know about you, but I’m feeling much less blue.

I’ve been wearing these glasses for a few weeks now, and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference. I don’t even use my computer without these!

As soon as I put the glasses on, I noticed all the blue and purple I saw on the screen became white and yellow. I haven’t experienced another headache since using the glasses.

The premium lens coating uses a filter to deflect the harmful violate/blue light by 30%. That’s pretty cool!


Phonetic Eyewear Blue Light Reducing Glasses


Wearing Phonetic Eyewear Glasses


Love at First Sight

I first heard about Phonetic Eyewear at the blogger conference, BlogHer17. Their booth immediately caught my eye!

At the time, I was wearing my own, regular prescription glasses when I took them off to try Phonetic Eyewear’s digital eye strain shield.

I had never seen anything like it, other than bulky gamer glasses, so I wanted to share this as soon as I could!

The glasses come in plenty of cute, sophisticated designs to protect our eyes from digital eye strain.


Phonetic Eyewear Stylish Blue Light Reducing Glasses


Stylish Blue Light Protecting Glasses


Let’s Get Digital, Digital

According to a Harvard Health Publishing article, blue wavelengths are great for our eyes in the daytime. These boost attention, keep us alert and energized.

The sun is the most common type of good, blue light (with shades and sunscreen, of course!).

However, blue wavelengths are disruptive at night, throwing off our circadian rhythm (our body’s biological clock). This may disrupt our sleep/wake schedule. That’s a major factor in why it’s recommend we shut down electronics early.

According to a survey conducted by the Vision Council, 65 percent of American adults reported having symptoms of digital eye strain.

Check out this d-eye-agram for a simple breakdown of blue light, and how Phonetic Eyewear alleviates it. The opening line is geared toward bloggers, but anyone can relate to this!


Phonetic Eyewear Digital Eye Strain Graphic
Courtesy of Phonetic Eyewear.


We Clicked From the Start

I store my glasses in the cute, neoprene case it came with. You can easily clean the glasses with a microfiber cloth (included), and a glasses cleaner if needed. Just make sure you stay away from using harsh chemicals on the lenses.

I’m wearing the Alyssa in Crystal Purple from the Premium Collection. As you can see, I LOVE all things purple. My blog background is purple, the Twentysomething Vision logo is purple, and I opt for a lot of purple accessories when I can, without overdoing it!


Computer Work with Blue Light Reducing Glasses


The glasses are really lightweight, and I can wear them all day. I love sliding them on for all my computer work. I work a 9 – 6 job, and I am on the computer 90% of the time!

When I’m not at work, I’m still looking at a screen to edit photos, watch a show, or use my phone for organization and communication purposes.


Blue Light Reducing Glasses Phonetic Eyewear


Phonetic Eyewear also included a nice, personalized touch with a card in the package.


Phonetic Eyewear Package Twentysomething Vision


Unboxing Phonetic Eyewear Reduce Blue Light


Phonetically Fair Pricing

If you’re like me, you wanna know where the deals are at. Use discount code FRIENDS for 10% off your total order!

You can also use your Health Savings Account card from your health insurance provider if you’ve saved up!

Phonetic Eyewear ships FREE within the U.S., and ships to Canada for $9.95.


Phonetic Eyewear Blue Light Balance
Balance your exposure to blue light with Phonetic Eyewear!

Choose from plano, reading glasses, prescription glasses, and even sunglasses (throw shade at blue light).

Non-prescription and reader glasses range from $49 – $69, based on the style.

Single vision prescription glasses range from $89 – $109.

The Italian collection is on the more expensive side since these glasses are designed and hand-crafted in Italy.


Phonetic Eyewear Blue Light Glasses


Many of us live very technologically-based lives. Whether you browse the internet on a daily basis, use a computer at work, or simply unwind with a few hours of TV / Netflix, take care of your eyes and block out that blue light when you can!

Let’s also unplug every now and now to enjoy outdoor nature, catch up with family and friends, and live in the moment – wireless.


Phonetic Eyewear Reduce Blue Light Eyeglasses



Choose your own Phonetic Eyewear glasses! Remember to use discount code FRIENDS for 10% off your order.

Your eyes will thank you. 🙂


Wearing Phonetic Eyewear Happy Twentysomething Vision


~Twentysomething Vision

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    1. Thanks Melissa! 🙂 I saw the purple pair, and I knew it was meant to be! The glasses really help eliminate headaches from working at a computer all day. You know, that desk life!

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