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Minimize: Declutter a few items at a time

FALL into a great habit this season: get rid of physical and mental clutter. Clear your space and your mind.

You’ve heard it before: declutter, minimize, get rid of what you don’t need, etc. Kudos to those ideas. However, we know it’s NOT that easy. Not even close. Sometimes it can even feel unreachable.

I’m here to simplify this for you by sharing a minimizing challenge.

Thanks to the Minimalists for introducing the world to this challenge. I stumbled upon their site two years ago when I was still deciding whether or not creating a blog would be worth it (Hint: It absolutely was!).


Declutter - Minimize


The Minimizing Challenge

In simplest terms, the minimizing challenge requires you to get rid of a cluttering item every single day for one month. Sounds possible, right? The Minimalists kick it up a notch.

Get rid of a number of items based on the date of the month. I.e. Get rid of one item October 1, two items on October 2, three items on October 3. You get the idea!

So you think you can minimize?

I have yet to complete this challenge. I’ve tried twice in the past, but I found myself getting stuck in the late teens to early twenties!

Is that metaphorical of the obstacles we face during those years of our lives? I believe this third time around will be the one, especially with you embarking on this challenge with me!

Where do I begin without feeling overwhelmed?

Start off strong with simple items. Remove items that are easy on your mind and save the emotional items for last. Easy items will be different for everyone.

Here are some examples of easier items to get rid of: that free item with a purchase that’s been sitting for months, medical receipts we no longer need, that folder we kept “just in case” we’d ever like to go back and study our old notes. Emotional items may include photos, gifts from previous relationships, and even clothes we associate with certain phases in our lives.

Declutter - No Clutter


What else should I be aware of with the challenge?

Feel free to plan ahead with what items you’ll want to get rid of. You may find yourself getting in the swing of minimizing to where you’ll just keep decluttering. Please do not fill a room with all of the items at once! You may feel overwhelmed if you start too big too soon.

Spend a half hour to an hour sorting through small sections. Decide what should stay, and what can be donated or thrown out.

Minimizing clothing

Clothing is a great item to give away. Give it to people you know, donate it to Goodwill, or put the clothes in a bag when you’re ready to throw it in a local drop-off bin.

Some people recommend giving away clothes if you haven’t worn them in six months. I think that’s a great guideline. However, six months is a large gap (unless we coordinate outfits based on the season). Try four months. That let’s you cycle through a season and introduce a new one.


Color Coordinate Clothing In Closet


If you haven’t worn that summery flamingo print all season and it’s the end of September, chances are you may not wear it next year. And please explain why you haven’t worn that flamingo print, because it’s so dang cute!

Why Minimize, Again?

Let’s become less attached to things and more aware of people, places, and memories we experience.

I mention this in many of my posts because I live it, I believe it, and I want you to reap similar benefits. You can always tweak these suggestions to best fit your own needs!

Get ready for the minimizing challenge!

Let me know how you minimize this season in the comments below.

Together, we’ll motivate each other and hold each other accountable!

~Twentysomething Vision

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