Save Your Makeup: 3 Beauty Hacks

You read that correctly. SAVE your makeup! Save it for a specific amount of time, maybe even according to the makeup’s expiration date? This is more accessible than you think. You may or may not already know about these little tricks, but I’m going to share 3 beauty hacks I’ve been using for a few years now.

Beauty Hack #1: Repurpose the mascara brush.

Is it time to throw out your mascara? Has the brush become clumpy, worse than those spider lashes you weren’t quite looking for? Then TRASH the bottle filled with old mascara product, and SAVE the brush.


Mascara Brush Beauty Hack


Wash the mascara brush with warm water and makeup remover to clean the brush. The makeup remover is gentle enough to remove the product from the brush, and the water will wash off any excess amount. Let it dry. Place the brush in your makeup bag, or in a plastic bag, however you’d like to store this. And voila! You’ve got yourself a lash brush, AND an eyebrow comb.

Use the newly cleansed brush to fan out lashes and brush them upward before applying mascara. This preps the lashes and “combs” them to shape them in the direction of your preference. Your new mascara will glide on like a charm!


Beauty Hack Mascara Brush


In this case, I saved a travel-sized mascara brush for my little hands.

You can also use the brush to tame pesky eyebrow hair. Gently brush the hair in the desired direction. You can call it a day from there, or go through your normal brow routine after that. Your brows will thank you!


Beauty Hack Mascara Brow Brush


Beauty Hack #2: Check the expiration date!

BREAKING NEWS: Every bottle of makeup has an expiration date right on it.

Check the back of your makeup, whether it’s a tube of lipstick, a shadow palette, mascara, or even shampoo! There’s a small container (it looks like hydrating lotion or powder foundation) on the back of the bottle with a number and an “M” on it. This indicates how many months the product is good for after opening it!


Nail Polish Beauty Hack Expiration


This nail polish expires two years (24M) after opening it. (OPI Nail Lacquer in Sunrise…Bedtime!)


Eye Shadow Beauty Hack Expiration


This eye shadow expires 30 months (30M), or two and a half years after opening it! (Rimmel London Glam’Eyes HD 5-Colour Eye Shadow in Burgundy Palace)

Beauty Hack #3: Turn candles into containers.

So you scored a free candle in a Bath & Body Works deal, or you just splurged and bought one without a sale! You love the scent, and even the candle holder is adorable! So keep it!

Wash out the candle holder, and save it for later. You can decorate the jar with paint or glitter on the outside, and fill it with candies, potpourri, or makeup on the inside!


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