La La Land

La La Land Will Make You FEEL.

La La Land will make you FEEL…


It’s a simple story, really. It starts out slow. You wonder where this is going to go. The characters need some time to build up and allow you to get to know them…to like them, to understand them, to sympathize with them, to root for them. 

It picks up.

It keeps you happy, it fills you up. There’s singing, there’s dancing, there’s love in the air. There are dreams, there are risks, there are dares and no cares.

You feel hopeful and safe. But then it takes a turn. The safety net is ripped from under you. No one is there to catch you. You feel sad, confused, uncertain.

Maybe you aren’t sure what is real, and what is part of this “la la land”. You feel sadness when you realize the truth.

It stirs up great emotion deep down inside of you because you’ve lived it. You thought it would work out differently in the movie. You thought it would solve the problems you never could.

But then you realize, this is just another painfully real heartbreak. It hurts. You don’t want it to be true. 

You hear the piano play your sweet tune. It takes you back to a time of ruins.

It invokes that aching lump in your throat when you hold back tears. When you swallow your emotions. When you don’t want to show it. You think, stop it, it’s a movie!

But you understand it. You accept it. You don’t like it, nor do you agree with it. But you tuck it in to your binder of memories so you can remind yourself that it really happened. No matter how far away you are, from it, from him, from that time in your life.

You can no longer touch it. It’s no longer tangible. You two are no longer a “thing”. Just a thing of the past.

But it’s there. Because it happened. It happened. It was real. What he made you feel. How he made you feel.

It was all so…real.

~Twentysomething Vision


Twenty Something La La Land

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