Coworker Leaves Goodbye

Feeling Sad or Confused When a Coworker Leaves? It’s OK.

We said goodbye to four people at work in the past two weeks. It’s so bittersweet when someone leaves. Sometimes we might be frustrated or annoyed with a coworker, and we couldn’t be happier to see them off. Other times we grow strong bonds and develop professional and personal relationships with coworkers, which makes it that much more difficult to say goodbye. Straight outta college When I entered the workforce fresh out […]

La La Land

La La Land Will Make You FEEL.

La La Land will make you FEEL… Joy. Sadness. Cheesiness. Frustration. Empathy. Nostalgia. Reflective. Longing. Upset. Understanding. Realistic.  It’s a simple story, really. It starts out slow. You wonder where this is going to go. The characters need some time to build up and allow you to get to know them…to like them, to understand them, to sympathize with them, to root for them.  It picks up. It keeps you […]