Where in the World? Cambodia Time Travel Preview

Many of my friends and coworkers wondered where I disappeared to when I was unreachable for ten full days. I looked at them, straight-faced with a genuine smile, and answered, “Cambodia.” CAMBODIA?! No one believed me or understood why. It was an unforgettable experience, and I am so grateful we had the ability to take time off as a family.     It’s quite simple: my stepmom grew up in […]

Butterfly Flower Nectar Florida - Enjoy outdoor nature - Twentysomething Vision

Enjoy Outdoor Nature – Unplug, Appreciate

I peered up from my computer and spent my lunch break away from the office to enjoy outdoor nature with just my camera, no other technology. It’s nice to unplug and appreciate the little things right outside our doors. It’s very corporate and very cold in the business areas of downtown Orlando. There are beautiful swans, ducks, trees and a huge lake further down, but it’s too hot to walk […]

Roaring Twenties Out of Focus

The Roaring Twenties: Finding a Focus

Hello there. I’ve been MIA for a couple months now because I’ve been traveling throughout the country, finding my focus. Now I’ve got stories full of sneaking into shows to see Elvis. I’ve got photos of birds¬†growing up from fuzzy baby ducklings to annoyingly greedy adult ducks. I’ve sampled foods from some great places downtown, learned to cook deep dish pizza, and survived a 4×4 monster truck swamp ride. But […]