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Protect Our Eyes with Spektrum Glasses

Note: I received a pair of anti-blue light glasses from Spektrum in exchange for my review. This post also contains Amazon affiliate links, which means I make a commission if you click and make a purchase. All opinions are my own.

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re on a phone or a computer, so you definitely need to listen up! Writers, texters, business owners, students, office employees…anyone who uses a computer spends long, tiring hours staring at a screen, exposing our eyes to artificial blue light.

I know I spend a good 8 hours on the computer at my full time job, and then another 4-5 hours at home for freelance work. That’s a lot of screen time!


Capture Moments Prospek Blue Light Glasses


Thankfully, Spektrum designed glasses to protect our eyes from harmful blue light emitted by our phones, computers, televisions, and other unnatural blue light.

I’m letting you in on the good, the bad, and the blue light!

What’s the deal with blue light?

We can find blue light pretty much everywhere we turn. The most common and natural type is sunlight.

This type of blue light is beneficial because it gives us a natural boost of energy. The sunlight regulates when we wake up and when we need to wind down to go to bed.


Prospek Spektrum Glasses Natural Blue Light Outside


You’ll see artificial, man-made blue light in phones, computers, TVs, and fluorescent lights in office buildings and gyms.

According to Blue Light Exposed, blue light waves are the shortest yet highest energy wavelengths in the spectrum of visible light.

If you’ve ever felt tired while hanging out in the sun for hours on end (ahem, beach days!) or working at your computer all day (every day), it’s because blue light flickers, creating a glare. Staring at this for extended periods of time aggravates our eyes, causing us to feel sluggish.

I used to get headaches from the fluorescent lighting in my office building. I thought I was just imagining it, but I’m glad to know there’s a reason behind it. Every day, I try to get up from my desk and walk around outside on my breaks to stay energized throughout the day.

Eye see. Who is Spektrum Glasses?

With all this blue light talk, there’s got to be something that can help with it, right? Spektrum, also known as ProSPEK, promotes happier eyes with its anti-blue light glasses.

Spektrum reached out using my contact form in early December, and I was very excited to learn more about them. They understand that working on a computer all day can really put some wear and tear on our eyes.


Prospek Spektrum Glasses Review Protects Eyes Blue Light


Spektrum offers glasses that block 50% of harmful blue light, and glasses that block 99% of blue light!

I went with the 50% blockage since that’s ideal for regular office and computer work. If you’re a regular video gamer or movie watcher who stays up at night, then blocking 99% of blue light would be more beneficial for you.

How can we lessen our exposure to blue light?

Remember: natural blue light is OK!

But if you’re getting frequent headaches from staring at a screen, take a walk outside and let that sunlight give you a boost. It will increase your mood and put a little pep in your step.

Another great way to ease the pain is to use the 20-20-20 rule! Look away from your screen every 20 minutes at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

It’s that easy! Set a timer on your watch, your phone, or your computer to remind yourself when it’s time to take a 20 second break. Your eyes will thank you.


Blue Light Protect Eyes Spektrum Glasses Twentysomething Vision Review
This sums up my blue light exposure: blogging, Mario Kart, watching basketball, phone time (calls and texts), and listening to music.


You can also try out Spektrum glasses to block the blue light from your screen. I’m sharing my honest thoughts on the pros and the could-be-improved of these glasses below.

Pros on Spektrum glasses

Something I noticed IMMEDIATELY is how light the glasses are! I love that the glasses aren’t heavy. My ears are sensitive, so I can’t wear glasses or even a headband for long periods of time because they give me headaches!

The glasses are super lightweight and easy to slip on and off. The glasses come in a hard case with a nice, microfiber cloth to clean the lens. Thankfully, the lens don’t smudge or leave fingerprints easily, so I don’t have to clean them too often.


Prospek Spektrum Glasses Protects Eyes Blue Light Glasses


Spektrum Glasse Prospek Block Blue Light


DESIGN – 4.5/5

Spektrum glasses come in a nice selection. I chose the “Pro” in red and black glasses because they are easy to match with anything. The red on the inside of the frames add a nice pop of color.

You have the option of choosing magnified glasses or non-magnified glasses. I went with the non-magnified glasses so I can wear the glasses with or without my contact lenses.

They offer adult and kid designs, so there’s plenty of sizes and colors to choose from. I’d like to see some more designs in the future with fun prints on the outside of the frames (like the Artist).


As I mentioned earlier, the glasses are very lightweight. They’re easy on the ears. One thing to note is the glasses do not have nose pads. However, I haven’t experienced any concerns wearing these for nearly a month now.

PRICE – 5/5

After browsing the Spektrum website and Amazon (yep, these are available on Amazon too!), I noticed the glasses are very affordable. These are priced between $40 and $56, depending on the design and percentage of blue light blockage.

Spektrum ships to anywhere in Canada and the U.S. for a standard shipping rate of $5. If you are located outside North America, you may contact Spektrum for shipping information.


Spektrum gives you a good 60 days to return the glasses for a refund if you aren’t satisfied. They seem to be very cognizant of feedback, so they take their product seriously. Keep reading, because it gets even better!


Spektrum glasses come with a one-year warranty.

If anything happens to the glasses, you drop them, you break them, you leave them at Aunt Betsy’s house and then realize you don’t even have an Aunt Betsy. Whatever happens, Spektrum will send you a replacement pair absolutely free. They’ll even cover the shipping for your replacement pair.


Blue Light Glasses Spektrum Prospek Natural Blue Light


What else?

I’ve been wearing these Spektrum glasses for a month now, and I’ve only found one or two suggestions so far: I can’t use the glasses to edit photos!

Since the glasses distort the screen color ever so slightly making white colors appear yellow, I remind myself to remove the glasses when I’m editing photos to get the most accurate color depiction.


Capture Every Moment Spektrum Prospek Glasses


I usually adjust the image temperature gently during editing, depending on the situation; if there’s too much yellow lighting indoor, I will balance it out with blues. However, I don’t want images to get completely thrown off by blocking out the colors.

Sometimes I forget to take my glasses off because they are so lightweight and handy. Then, I remember later on and double-check the photos to make sure they look OK.


Blue Light Computer Work Glasses Prospek Spektrum


What I wish Spektrum offered

I checked out the Spektrum website to learn more about the company and the product before writing this review, which leads me to a suggestion. I would like to see glasses measurements for each product. Luckily, I was able to zoom in on many of the images to find the measurements.

This is an important factor for me, and I’m sure it’s an important factor for you as well.

It helps to know how wide the frames are (lens diameter), how close the lenses are to your nose (nose bridge), and how long the glasses extend behind your ears (side length), all measured in millimeters.


Spektrum Prospek Eye Glasses Specs Measurements
For reference, the “Pro” Spektrum glasses measurements are 53 mm (lens diameter), 19 mm (nose bridge), and 139 mm (side length behind the ears).


I have a small, round face, so it’s tough to find glasses that fit right. But thankfully, this pair had just the right measurements to fit my face.

Other than that, I don’t have any complaints or cons with the Spektrum glasses. I am very happy with them!

What’s the verdict on the blue light glasses?

Spektrum glasses prove to be stylish, lightweight, blue light defenders.

I would definitely recommend these glasses, especially if you work on a computer or use your phone for long periods of time. These glasses help prevent headaches since my company’s office uses painful fluorescent lighting.

You can find Spektrum glasses on their website and on Amazon!

Just remember to take breaks while working on a computer, and soak up that natural blue light outside!


Prospek Spektrum Blue Light Glasses Review


~Twentysomething Vision

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