DIY Creative Project - Glass Cork Potpourri Decoration Michaels

Easy DIY Home Decor – Potpourri Decoration

Get ready to get crafty with this project that takes LESS than 15 minutes and costs you LESS than 2 bucks! We’re going to create a small potpourri decoration in this DIY tutorial. This is a quick and easy decorative piece for yourself, or someone you appreciate. Check out the steps below to create this potpourri decoration. Note: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased all materials, and created […]

WordCamp Orlando 2017 Hero Badge WordPress Conference Code Is Poetry

WordCamp Orlando 2017: Speaking in Code

WordCamp Orlando 2017 welcomed developers, programmers, coders, and website creators for an action-packed weekend! This was the most informative, inexpensive, bang-for-your-buck conference I’ve ever attended. As with most large-scale social interactions, I was very nervous about this event. Maybe even more nervous than the previous blogging conferences I’d been to earlier this year. Why? Because I’m not a developer. I can edit source code and read HTML as I do […]

Pumpkin Cookies Fall Leaf

Pumpkin Spice Cookies with Butterscotch Chips Recipe

We’re in that lovely transition from fall to winter! Not much has changed for us Floridians. We’re still sweating it out while the weather is in the 80’s. Now, we’re reinventing the season by chowing down on some pumpkin spice cookies with butterscotch chips!     You read that right. I tried a few different recipes in search of pumpkin spice cookies, but they were all missing something…That’s when I […]

OCLS 15 Year Anniversary South Creek Library Branch Staff Up In The Air

South Creek Library Celebrates 15th Anniversary

I’ve always loved the library. Researching information, discovering new stories, investing in the lives of fictional characters, and educating myself. The first library I’d ever been to, the South Creek Library Branch in Orange County, celebrated its 15 Year Anniversary on Saturday, October 28! I stopped by to chat with some of the current staff members, and to take a peek at the library again.     I checked out […]

1957 Chevy Bel-Air Turquoise Chevrolet Lakeland Auto Show

Lakeland Auto Show Revved Up the Weekend!

Last weekend was a blast! The 18th Annual Lakeland Auto Show featured some AMAZING automobiles – from classic cars to recent racers, and even a QUADRICYCLE! It was the perfect event for car enthusiasts.               I’ve always loved cars for the aesthetics – Corvette Stingrays, to be exact. Now, I’m expanding my knowledge to learn about the car community (and I’ve got my eye […]