Millennial Selfie

The Millennial Stigma

I’m a millennial, which means I expect everything will be handed to me.

I don’t expect to work for my money, or my promotion, or my life. The generations before me did that.

I’m a millennial, which means I am glued to my phone 24/7. I must constantly be on social media.

I must check my electronic devices for every single notification because I cannot have clutter in my digital life.

My social media profiles are lit. My friends know where I am, every second of every moment of my better-than-yours life.

I document every moment so other people can envy how great my life is. I’ll bring my phone to every event I attend.

I’ll make that $7 breakfast at Denny’s look like Emeril cooked it fresh for me. Because it’s Insta-worthy. Foodstagram. It’s all about the lighting.

When we visit theme parks, don’t expect me to pay attention to the live shows. I’m too busy Snapchatting video footage, showing my followers what I’m up to, and what they wish they were seeing.

I won’t let you in on my bad days, when I can’t even. When my eyebrows are not on fleek, or when the struggle is real.

I will still post that pic of my contoured face, sculpting me into someone unrecognizable. Someone who you wish you could look like.

I do not cherish privacy. I do not cherish humbleness. It’s all about ME.

Check out my selfie. I didn’t take it with a selfie stick, though. I have more class than that.

That filter you see, it’s not for you, it’s for me. It makes me look the best I can be. The best me.

My hashtags are on fleek. You’ll never see me skip a beat. I am, hashtag, QUEEN. Watch me slay, as you cheer, “YAAAAAS.”

Until you realize the stigma will be the death of you…r personality.

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