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Katy Perry Collections: Kreative Konfections

Katy Perry’s got a brand new bag…a brand new bag of shoes, that is! We’re already getting a “kick” out of her shoe line, Katy Perry Collections.

Katy Perry is one of the few stars who can pull off just about anything. Pink hair, purple hair, green hair, blue hair, a California Gurls ode in Candy Land, and of course her whimsical wardrobe that she WORKS. These shoes complement her history of unconventional fashion choices, keeping her one “step” ahead of the game.


KatyPerryPinkHair KatyPerryBlueHair


Now we get to see yet another shade of Katy with her shoe line, as a designer! The website is even full of puns, such as “Hav’ana Good Time”, and a cute nod to her Technotronic-inspired CoverGirl commercials with “Pump Up The Jam”.

Katy Perry offers five different shoe styles on her site:



Katy takes us through her kreative mind with fruits and twisting ties, wrapping around our ankles; heels and flats designed like retro cars for your feet (yes, wheely); geli sandals with fruity toe-separators, reminding us of her “One of the Boys” era and reminiscent of the “Teenage Dream” album shortly after. We’re surrounded by subtle hints of “Prism” with gradient heels, while gold chain link wedges keep us chained to the shoe line.




Some notable mentions from Katy Perry Collections are:

  • Pumps: The Perry – Nude. Classy but spunky style with a 4.1″chain heel. Katy is staying true to her brand!
  • Pumps: The A.W. – Seafoam Green, Soft Blue. GORGEOUS colors with a 4.3″ sunset, gradient heel.
    The heel is a little chunky, so it looks like we won’t have any trouble walking in these!
  • Sandals: Hav’ana Good Time: The Geli – Watermelon. A red, geli sandal with a fun watermelon toe-separator.


The Katy Perry


The shoes might be a bit out of the average twentysomething’s price range ($49 for sandals, $100+ for most pumps). However, this is considered to be a high-end brand, so we would probably expect to pay big bucks for something KP-branded.

Overall, this is a colorful, FUNky shoe line that is worth checking out. You can snag 10% off your order by signing up for their emails. Although it’s not an amazing discount, it’s still a little something off the price.

Try on your own pair, and check out more of Katy Perry Collections.


The Katy Perry Geli


~Twentysomething Vision

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