DIY Creative Project - Glass Cork Potpourri Decoration Michaels

Easy DIY Home Decor – Potpourri Decoration

Get ready to get crafty with this project that takes LESS than 15 minutes and costs you LESS than 2 bucks! We’re going to create a small potpourri decoration in this DIY tutorial.

This is a quick and easy decorative piece for yourself, or someone you appreciate. Check out the steps below to create this potpourri decoration.

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased all materials, and created this project on my own.

Some of the links below may be affiliate links. At no cost to you, I’ll earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link. I use and trust these products for DIY projects, and I recommend these based on my experience.


  • Glass container – $1.29 at Michaels with 50% off coupon (originally $2.69)
  • Flowers, fresh or dried (I recommend using flowers and weeds from your own yard, reusing flowers someone gifted you, or asking Publix for old flowers they’re getting ready to throw away! Don’t buy them.)
  • Optional, not required: Mod Podge matte glue at Michaels – $3.60 for 16 oz. with 60% off coupon (originally $8.99). This is great, quality glue that you can use for ALL craft projects.
    • Small stick or paintbrush to apply glue. I used a brush from this pack of 4. – $2.50 with 50% off coupon (originally $5)


DIY Glass Potpourri Decoration Michaels Target Supplies
You can also use a glue gun to seal the cork. Pictured here: Singer High Temp Glue Gun w/10ct Glue Stick


DIY Potpourri Decoration Paintbrush Mod Podge Michaels Crafts
Mod Podge Matte Glue



1) Spread out dried flowers on an open surface, preferably a counter or desk.


Glass Potpourri Decoration DIY


2) Place each piece inside the glass as you’d like it to display. Add some of the colored flowers inside as a base, and then place a large amount of dull flowers on top of that for a colorful display. Alternate the placement so that the colored flowers appear on the outer corners of the glass in the end.


DIY Glass Potpourri Decoration Craft


3) Shake the glass container, or use a straw to rearrange the flowers until you are satisfied.


DIY Home Decor Potpourri Decoration


4) Once the flowers are in place, use the Mod Podge to seal the deal (optional – skip to step 6 if you’d like!).


DIY Potpourri Decoration Michaels Mod Podge Craft


5) Dip the stick or paintbrush in Mod Podge, and apply a very small amount to surround the rim of the cork.


DIY Glass Potpourri Decoration Michaels


6) Put the cork in place at the top of the glass opening.


DIY Glass Potpourri Decoration Tutorial

DIY Glass Potpourri Decoration Completed

Potpourri Decoration Complete!

That’s it! Congratulations! You’ve completed your very own potpourri decoration. Place this in a spot where you can admire it, such as your desk at work, your dresser, or your nightstand. These potpourri displays also make a great gift.

Let me know how your project goes!

~Twentysomething Vision

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