Twentysomething Vision Three Year Job Anniversary

3-Year Jobiversary: Celebrating and Sticking Around

Last Friday marked my THREE-year job anniversary!!! I can’t believe I celebrated my three-year job anniversary this year. Once I graduated college, I worked a few jobs before I landed this keeper. I felt like I was speed dating since I went on a LOT of job interviews. I only accepted a few offers, tried out a few places, and then in the end, I narrowed it down to what […]


BlogHer 2017 Conference Review: More Agendas Than a Blog Calendar!

This is an honest review of my experience at the BlogHer 2017 conference. If you want to learn more about blogging, listen to quality sessions, and walk away feeling refreshed, energized, and inspired, DON’T waste your time or your money on BlogHer. I’m sad to say this because I’m the type of person that tries to turn every situation into a positive. I walked away with my own positives, but […]

I rocked SIX meetings in six hours. You can too.

Mondays are always a little hectic. There’s a lot to do when we get back into the office after a nice two-day break. Mondays fly by because they’re usually busy! But who knew a regular TUESDAY could be so demanding?? I already had three meetings scheduled as I walked into work this past Tuesday. I wound up keeping quiet and owning it in the end, and you can too. Rock […]

Twentysomething Vision Downtown Adventures

Adventures: Walkin’ in a Downtown Wonderland

Emphasis on the WONDER in wonderland. I’m a simple gal. I have never worked downtown, I have never lived downtown, and I have never been downtown past…oh, I don’t know, 9 p.m.? Yep. I am an old lady inside a twentysomething’s body. But in all seriousness, I’ve never been attracted to the big city, corporate office picture. I understand some people love it! Or maybe they dream about it. I’ve […]

Office Space Move

How to get in the groove when the office moves

90% of my post-college jobs worked out because the office was at a convenient location. It was on my job checklist. Reputable company, good position, opportunities to grow, and close to home. Check, check, check, and check. Office space. I’ve worked at my current job for about three years now. I love it. It’s a smaller company, so I get to interact with and learn about at least 5-6 different […]