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What’s a 16-letter phrase for a blogger proposal? “She went to BlogHer!”

Blogger proposal…engagement proposal…kudos if you got the throwback reference!

As the weekend winds down, I’d like to let you in on a preview post. I attended the 2017 BlogHer conference this past weekend. This past Thursday, Friday and Saturday to be exact!

The blogger conference is geared towards women. BlogHer graced its presence in good ole O-Town. This was the first time BlogHer traveled south.

We spent three days…

  • Listening to keynote speakers
  • Eating tasty food
  • Speaking with advertisers
  • Meeting tons of lady bloggers from around the country

We might have met some bloggers from around the world –  I’m not sure as I didn’t meet anyone who traveled from outside the U.S.

So I’m going to review my BlogHer 2017 experience, without the gumdrops or the lollipops, or the sugar-coated feels.

I’m taking some time on this one because I want to share the most helpful information with you. I met a lot of inspiring bloggers at the conference, and I’m grateful for these connections.

BlogHer conference

It felt like a “learn as you go” conference. I suppose in this case, it would be a learn as you blog. Or tweet. Or snap. You get the idea.

As my first ever blogger conference, I stayed in the know as much as I could leading up to the start date. I encourage you to research and decide if a conference would be a good fit for you.

Some bloggers prefer smaller workshops since the intimate setting is more personal. You might get more one-on-one time in a workshop, which could be especially beneficial for new bloggers (I still consider myself a newbie).

A larger event like the BlogHer conference might be better for bloggers who want to network, work with brands, and navigate through social media trends.

Stay tuned…an honest review is coming your way!

~Twentysomething Vision

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