Karim Bhuiyan Anytime Fitness Ocoee Owner Gym Equipment

Anytime Fitness Owner Karim Bhuiyan Lifts Weights and Spirits

Some people visit the gym to bulk up, tone up, or slim down. Some people think about going to the gym because they know it will make them feel good. And someone like Karim LOVES the gym and helping people so much that he enthusiastically owns an Anytime Fitness gym. He encourages people with the biggest smile we’ve ever seen! Traveling a strong journey fit for anyone Karim Bhuiyan, 27, […]

TwentySomethingVision Yoga

Celebrate YOU with You-Ga

I practiced yoga tonight for the first time in a long time. And I mean I really practiced it. I didn’t just rush into the gym and leave yoga for the end of my workout, and I didn’t rush through the poses. Instead, I focused on my breathing. I let go of my stress from this week and whatever future plans I worried about, and I relaxed. Meditation inspiration I’ve […]

Sole Food Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair Kit

Sole Food: Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair Kit

Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair Kit: Health & Beauty Review My feet are not my proudest feature, so I wanted to change that with the Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair Kit. I’ve always worn bandages on my heels throughout the years since shoes aggravate them. If I’m wearing stiletto heels or flats, I’m also wearing bandages. Luckily, I’ve gotten rid of the bandage process in the past year by using hidden liners, a thin, […]

Locked out? Walked out.

Today was an…adventurous day. It started off as a normal Sunday. I slept in a little bit, woke up, got my car washed so it was nice and clean, and then I went grocery shopping for the week. I returned the movie Captain Fantastic at a Redbox, planning to pick up a new movie I reserved right after it. When I walked up to the Redbox, I quickly realized I didn’t […]