The Minimalists Less Is Now Tour

The Minimalists: Less is Now in Tampa, FL

Back in November 2017, I went to an inspiring, live show in Tampa, FL featuring the Minimalists. Who are the Minimalists? Just two, laid-back guys named Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus who think “just in case” are the three most dangerous words. Joshua and Ryan grew up together, and now they share their stories in living more fulfilling lives with less clutter and less stuff. That word “stuff” is one of […]

Joleen Rose Morales Orlando Dance Community

Meet Joleen Rose – Dancer, Makeup Artist, Skincare Expert, Entrepreneur

Joleen Rose Morales doesn’t want to blend in with everyone else. Instead, she creates her own path, tells her own story, and dances to her own beat. Joleen is a triple threat. She holds her own as a dancer, a makeup artist, and a licensed skincare expert – dedicated in everything she does. When I met Joleen at her quaint spa in Downtown Orlando, she took me back to the […]

I rocked SIX meetings in six hours. You can too.

Mondays are always a little hectic. There’s a lot to do when we get back into the office after a nice two-day break. Mondays fly by because they’re usually busy! But who knew a regular TUESDAY could be so demanding?? I already had three meetings scheduled as I walked into work this past Tuesday. I wound up keeping quiet and owning it in the end, and you can too. Rock […]

Roaring Twenties Out of Focus

The Roaring Twenties: Finding a Focus

Hello there. I’ve been MIA for a couple months now because I’ve been traveling throughout the country, finding my focus. Now I’ve got stories full of sneaking into shows to see Elvis. I’ve got photos of birds growing up from fuzzy baby ducklings to annoyingly greedy adult ducks. I’ve sampled foods from some great places downtown, learned to cook deep dish pizza, and survived a 4×4 monster truck swamp ride. But […]