Road Trip Car and Snow

Road Trip Tips For a Successful Adventure

Four years ago, my family and I traded in the tropical paradise vacations for some plan-it-ourselves road trips. Each road trip is half business, half vacation, so we get to spend time together while planning future group tours as part of the family business.     I love sightseeing and experiencing different cultures, states, and people. I keep my camera close by my side – OK, GLUED around my neck […]

Roaring Twenties Out of Focus

The Roaring Twenties: Finding a Focus

Hello there. I’ve been MIA for a couple months now because I’ve been traveling throughout the country, finding my focus. Now I’ve got stories full of sneaking into shows to see Elvis. I’ve got photos of birds¬†growing up from fuzzy baby ducklings to annoyingly greedy adult ducks. I’ve sampled foods from some great places downtown, learned to cook deep dish pizza, and survived a 4×4 monster truck swamp ride. But […]