About Twentysomething Vision

Who am I? This is the question many twentysomethings ask themselves.

But really. Who am I, and why should you care?

My name is Kelly. I am a twentysomething gal who loves writing, experimenting with fashion, and photographing EVERYTHING.

I was a proud newspaper and magazine writer, editor and designer in college. Now I’m exploring my creativity with this blog!

This blog is here for you and I. Writing is…therapeutic, and fun! It’s been my passion since I wrote one of my first poems ever, which involved SpongeBob and Patrick turning Squidward into a nice guy.

TwentySomething Vision

Here’s a few fun facts…

  • My nail polish always matches my outfit. I love a pop of color!
  • I have been dubbed the “Comma Queen” thanks to my undying love for punctuation and grammar.
  • I hate presenting, but I give great presentations.
  • My weightlifting abilities exceed my scoliosis disabilities.

I write so you can laugh, so you can relate, and so you can understand this decade of the life of a twentysomething.

Take a look around. Welcome to my twentysomething vision.