The Roaring Twenties

Hello there.

I’ve been MIA for a couple months now because I’ve been travelling throughout the country. I’ve got stories full of sneaking into shows to see Elvis. I’ve got photos of birds growing up from fuzzy baby ducklings to annoyingly greedy adult ducks. I’ve sampled foods from some great places downtown, learned to cook deep dish pizza, and survived a 4×4 monster truck swamp ride. But none of these experiences is an excuse for my lack of writing. I’ve had time to write. PLENTY of time.

I’ve been inspired. I’ve had thoughts. I’ve snapped photos. But I haven’t been confident enough. What happened? It was the fear of failure. The fear that no one will read it. The fear that my writing isn’t nearly as good as it once was.

The perfectionist was taking over!!

I was worried about the content, the layout, the overall organization of this blog. I changed the theme multiple times. Should it have a photo focus? Should it just be dedicated to writing? Is my writing too personal? I used to be Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper, and now I can’t even bring myself to publish my own work!

Then I thought, this blog doesn’t need to have a focus. My thoughts are the focus. My experiences are the focus. My VISION is the focus. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I can incorporate my eye for photography (heh) and my knack for writing. I will practice my craft while sharing it with you.

Instead of sitting on my inspiration, thinking about it, letting it fade, I’ll share it. Be on the lookout for new posts, new photos, and new adventures soon. I’m just getting started.


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