Twentysomething Vision Overcome Fear Conquer Fear

FORGET fear. Be fearLESS.

What are you so afraid of?


It can be immobilizing. Fear can talk down on us and make us feel small. It can talk us out of any productive goals we have because it wants us to feel like FEAR is more important, like it’s superior.

We might have future hopes and dreams, a list of long-term goals to accomplish, or even a daily to-do list that motivates us and keeps us on track.

But when FEAR gets involved, we forget all those things. It takes over. It taunts, “There’s no way you can hit the gym and lift weights today.”¬†

We’re not even at the gym yet and fear barks, “You won’t even make it out of your house because you and I both know you don’t like people. Stay in the comfort of your own home. Your comfort zone.”

Stay in your comfort zone? Think again.

What good will that do? Something really stuck out to me a few years ago when I read that we have to step OUTSIDE of our comfort zone a little bit every day to achieve what we want.¬†Everyone’s “comfort zone” is different. Sometimes stepping out of it means talking to new people, visiting a new city, or trying a new food on a first date.

If we want to get a degree, we have to step outside our comfort zone to APPLY, to INTERVIEW, to ACCEPT an offer, to WORK HARD, and to MEET new people.

If we want a successful business, we must INTERACT. We have to talk to people who can help us grow. On top of that, we have to conduct research to stay on top of our game and industry trends. We have to improve. Every. Day.

If we want a family, we have to PLAN. What’s an ideal family? Do we want to get married? What’s our ideal number of kids? Where do we want to live? Do we need help?

It all starts with OVERCOMING fear.

Fear can talk down on us, and only we can talk ourselves right back up. We have to be strong. We have to pick ourselves up.

Family and friends can help. A strong support system can help. But at the end of the long and winding day, we are on our own. It’s all up to us.

It’s up to us to keep believing and remember what’s important. It’s up to us to CONQUER fear.

We are capable of so much more than fear. We can do it.

Are you in?

~Twentysomething Vision

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